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Blue Beach

Juniors Beach Volleyball

Registration Going On Now!! Come join the fun!

Do you want to take your game to the next level? Become a more complete volleyball player? Develop better ball control? Improve defense? Become faster? Jump Higher? Increase your range? Then Beach Volleyball is for you!

For indoor players, beach volleyball can help improve an individuals game on the court in ways court practice cannot. Most coaches agree that beach volleyball is one of the best training methods known for improving your indoor performance. It's healthy, fun, helps prevent burn out, and offers an outlet for year-round play. 

Women's Beach Volleyball is growing rapidly around the world. It was an inaugural Olympic event at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games. Since then, Beach volleyball is the Olympic fan favorite event and the most difficult ticket to obtain. Presently, there are over 77 Division I schools competing in beach volleyball and more than 90 colleges that offer beach volleyball programs. Many of these Universities are offering beach scholarships. The NCAA has made Beach Volleyball an official Women's Division I sport, which had its inaugural Final Four and crowned USC as its first Collegiate Champion in 2016.

At Blue Beach Volleyball, we are dedicated to introducing the beach culture to all players, regardless of experience. From beginners to competitive level players, there is a lot to gain from sand volleyball!